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Find influencers that reach and engage your target audience

TwitchMetrics lets you discover content creators and evaluate potential partners that resonate with your viewers. Unlike other solutions, TwitchMetrics offers performance data on virtually every creator in the live streaming universe.

Easily run successful influencer and affiliate campaigns and simplify reporting all in one place.



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“TwitchMetrics Pro has been critical to how we approach marketing on Twitch. I can't think of a better way to get actionable insights into the live streaming ecosystem”

- Adam Walters, Marketing Director at MuOn Marketing

Our Secret Sauce

Data Quality

Priced Fairly

Unmatched Scale

Say goodbye to lost data and innaccurate reporting. We have the best live streaming data quality in the industry.

We price our subscription to pass savings onto you. If you're paying your live streaming data provider thousands of dollars monthly you're simply overpaying.

 With more than 10 years of expertise in live stream video, we have the most video data to help you see the big picture.

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Measure ROI

Quantify influence. Prove the true impact of your campaigns without relying on proxy metrics and affiliate links. Measure how creators actually drive consumer behavior by connecting social video views to off-platform actions such as search, website visits, and online shopping.

Flexible reporting. Create custom reports and dashboards so you can view campaign performance at-a-glance, or keep tabs on just about any creator in the social video universe.

Choose partners wisely

Prioritize their favorite creators. Focus on the influencers your viewers love to watch. TwitchMetrics makes it easy to surface influencers that have a large overlap with your audience.

Cross-platform measurement. Stop pulling data from multiple platforms and simplify your review process. Objectively compare influencers with cross-platform metrics on viewership, engagement, follower growth, and demographic data all in one place.

Forecast performance. Nobody can predict the future, but you can estimate it by using benchmarks in your planning. Set realistic campaign objectives for influencers by comparing their performance relative to industry or platform averages, or against any other competitive set.

"Our team loves that TwitchMetrics provides so much data on the streamers so we can be confident in our partnerships. We can't get this anywhere else!" 

Director of Media Operations,

Orbital Marketing

Find Influencers and Affiliate Partners Faster

Streamline your search. Save time by efficiently narrowing down a target list of creators that meet your marketing campaign objectives, no matter how niche or broad your criteria.

Review virtually any influencer. Want to find the next rising star? It helps to look at the full universe. Some solutions limit you to their network of creators, but TwitchMetrics measures audience and content performance for the most creators.

Make data-backed decisions on which influencers to work with based on their past sponsored campaign performance.


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