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Show potential partners that you reach their target audiences based on their likelihood to shop for products & brands online, search for certain keywords, or visit specific websites after interacting with creators and streamers.

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When it comes to building strategic brand partnerships, you need data– lots of data– to effectively position and set yourself apart from the competition. As advertiser demands have become increasingly specific & individualized, it’s more challenging than ever for ad sales teams to answer the question “why us?”
TwitchMetrics is the secret weapon that lets you do just that, providing analytics & insights that empower sales teams to accelerate advertising conversations.

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“With TwitchMetrics we can show partners that our creators' audiences are taking off-platform actions on their site. It goes way past affiliate links and creator codes.”

- Adam Walters, Marketing Director at MuOn Marketing

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Say goodbye to lost data and innaccurate reporting. We have the best live streaming data quality in the industry.

We price our subscription to pass savings on to you. If you're paying your live streaming data provider thousands of dollars monthly you're simply overpaying.

 With more than 10 years of expertise in live stream video, we have the most video data to help you see the big picture.

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"Our team loves that TwitchMetrics provides so much data on the streamers so we can be confident in our partnerships. We can't get this anywhere else!"

Director of Media Operations, 

Kiran Fisher, Orbital Marketing

Tap Into a Deeper Level of Understanding

Prove action not just intent

Show off your reach

Find the closing data

Only TwitchMetrics lets you demonstrate your influence on consumer behavior. Show potential partners that you reach their target audiences based on their likelihood to shop for products & brands online, search for certain keywords in chat, or visit specific websites.

Want to build strategic brand partnerships? Let the data demonstrate how much you’ve impacted their bottom line, even if you’ve never worked together.

Unique audience metrics let you break down viewership into unique viewers, helping you effectively prove not only that you reach a target audience— but also how well you engage with them.

Watch time metrics let you differentiate between those who are scrolling vs watching for 30 seconds or longer.

Plus, quantify your reach and frequency by age, location, and gender to position your channels against competitors.

Explore the live stream ecosystem to easily find compelling proof points that set you apart from the competition so you can bolster your win rate.

With over three years of neatly organized historical live stream data, it’s easy to search, filter, and sort by millions of games, genres, and categories.

TwitchMetrics puts insights at your fingertips so you can prove you consistently deliver high performing activations compared to industry and market benchmarks.

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